Skin & Scalps is a dedicated medical-grade SMP clinic based in Pune, India, offering it’s signature technique of Follicle-simulation to craft individualized solutions for various hair-loss issues of niche clients.
It is a technique of hair and follicle simulation.

The technique evolved from combining years of research from the field of Hair transplant design with the intricate art and technology of Scalp micropigmentation-SMP.

Ever heard of a hairloss treatment that comes with no side effects, no pain and yet offering instant and long lasting results? Well that exactly is SMP for you!

SMP can benefit clients at all stage of male pattern baldness. Depending upon the extent of your hairloss, Dr Sohana will suggest a highly customized SMP solution for you. This may range from simply strengthening your hairline to a full head SMP, giving you the very sophisticated shaved-head look, which is quite an ‘in’ thing in various circles including the formal corporate ones.

She ensures that not only does it edge up your persona but also adds new freshness and vigour to your appeal. No more worries about daily medication and its side effects or troublesome hair patches.