Handcrafted Scalp Micro Pigmentation Solutions

Ever heard of  a hairloss treatment that comes with no side effects, no pain and yet offering instant and long lasting results? Well that exactly is SMP for you!
SMP can benefit clients at all stage of male pattern baldness. Depending upon the extent of your hairloss, Dr Sohana suggests a highly customized SMP solution for you. This may range from simply strengthening your hairline to a full head SMP, giving you the very sophisticated shaved-head look, which is quite an ‘in’ thing in various circles including the formal corporate ones.
Using the SMP technique, she ensures that you not only edge up your persona but also add new freshness and vigour to your appeal. No more worries about daily medication and its side effects or troublesome hair patches.

As the name suggest this is a micro pigmentation technique used on the scalp.
It is a special tattooing technique specially designed for the scalp skin.

  • How is it different then normal tattoo?
    -The dye used is organic and multiple colors are mixed in different proprtions to mat h with patients existing hair color to make it look natural
    -The depth of this tattooing is the most important part of this technique. If the dept is more then required there is smudging and if the dept is not adequate the it leads to faded spots.
  • Ideal candidates
    -individuals who prefer to go full bald
    -To add to hair density after a hair transplant
    -in hair thinning cases where hair transplant is not a suitable option
    -in recurrent alopecia areata